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Build Your Sk8

step 1: shoes


What shoes are you thinking about using?

There are a lot to choose from.  If you already have a shoe in mind, please upload a pic or url here. We will check to be sure the shoe has a solid sole and sturdy uppers for making your idea dream skate. 

Upload It

step 2: plates

Choose a skate plate.


SneekrSkate Plates are Rollerskate plates designed for sneakers! Traditional rollerskate plates are too narrow to work well with the soft outsoles of sneakers. SneekrSkate Plates let you use your favorite sneakers without compromising functionality. Unique full contact plates transmit your steering input to the trucks without losing power or bending the outsole of the sneaker. Together, the trucks and plates offer a sure-footed, stable stance that can be used for park skating, jam skating or cruising.

Select One Option



Choose Wheels.


There are many styles of roller skating (rhythm, shuffle, jam, roller derby, speed, etc), there are even more types of skate wheels. There are wheels with certain styles of skating in mind, there are some that are just generic. Here are a few of the wheels we have available. Click the name of the wheels to select a color and add to cart. (SLV Plate selection comes with green wheels)

more wheels.png

Have your own idea of what wheels you want? Enter Link Below


step 4: css skate tool

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